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Your Six Weeks: Coaching Your Way to Success! 

For you to truly Accelerate your Practice, it will take more than one day, and this is where many other courses and seminars fall short. Sure, you may understand all of the points and leave a seminar feeling motivated to make a change for the better, but without continued support, it can be tough to follow through. Can you get in shape simply by working out for one day? Of course not!

That is why we offer you six weeks of coaching: These coaching calls will help develop a goal for you personally and professionally. Your coach will ask you challenging questions, so that we can help you overcome those challenges and get you to the place you've always dreamed of. 

"What I have enjoyed the most about my coaching, is the ability to trust my coach and not feel judged. I have also enjoyed that I'm not told what to do, but rather AMP helps me figure out the best answer for me and my practice. I guess that's what coaching really is all about." -Brian Galant

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