So, You're finally ready to get serious about Social Media and Dental Marketing?

Strap in, it's going to be one hell of a ride!

Social Media

 According to AMP's old friend Webster - Social Media is defiend as Forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content, such as videos. 

Before anything, we really want to understand our WHY? Why are you interested in increasing your traffic and awareness via social media? What is the OUTCOME you're hoping to achieve? Write, it down... After you've written that down, really sit and think about why you want that outcome. What is the PURPOSE of your OUTCOME? This is the hardest part of setting any goal, really understanding why. After you dertermine that the action to achieve the outcome you want is pretty easy! 

If I'm losing you, watch Darren explain this process in this AMP TV Episode!

Darren in AMP Studio 2

Now that you've determined your WHY lets really dive into WHY your dental practice should care about social media and marketing. 

Marketing is essential for the success of any business, and that's certainly true of a dental practice. Whether your practice is up-and-coming or it's been established for years, focusing on an ongoing marketing campaign can help boost your clientele and brand awareness, not to mention cement your reputation in the community.


You may have purchased ad space in the local newspaper or handed out flyers around town, but those techniques aren't going to get your business very far in the modern world. In fact, 80% of websites are found through search engines, and how do most potential clients learn about your business? By searching for a nearby dental practice online.

What's more, the Internet is more mobile than ever. As many as 63% of adults use their smartphones to browse the Web, so it's important to consider mobile marketing, as well. This might require building a separate mobile site -- or at least a mobile-friendly main site -- that will encourage visitors to schedule a new patient appointment. Read More....


Videos for Digital Dental Marketing

Click here for Internal Dental Marketing 


Looking for more information about brand awareness via the internet? Reach out to the AMP TEAM for a free marketing analysis, and we'll get you everything you need to start increasing new patients and brand awareness!



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