Many doctors think it's methodology, and it's not. It is infact the content. Marketing is all about the content! Take SuperBowl ads for example. Companies pay millions of dollars for a few seconds in an attempt to catch your attention. That content has to be interesting and grab your attention right away! One way advertisers do this is called Interruption Marketing. This method is designed to interrupt your thoughts and break your attention.


Sex and/or a sale/giveaway are the two most powerful topics for Interruption Marketing. Take the Go Daddy Superbowl ads that feature Danica Patrick as an example. Although sex is not a fit with our industry it's still important to realize their power in the marketplace. Perhaps marketing beauty would make a little more senes for the denta indsutry.

After you've got some content ideas the next step will be to do the STP of marketing.

1. Segment - To illustrate segmenting, picture the entire population as a pie. Roughly 1/4 of the pie represents the portion of the population who only want the cheapest thing, these people are fishing for a deal. All they care about is getting the lowest price. Another 1/4 of the population only wants the best. These poeple would be turned off by a sale ad. The remaining 50% of the population can go either way.

2. Targeting- More or less your delivery method. 

3. Position - How do we position your practice to hit your target audience? What you want to think about here is what your value proposition is? What makes you different than everybody else in your area? Are you a technology office? A cosmetic makeover office? What are you passionate about? 

Watch Darren Kaberna explain this process in further detail by clicking the image below. 


Marketing is essential for the success of any business, and that's certainly true of a dental practice. Whether your practice is up-and-coming or it's been established for years, focusing on an ongoing marketing campaign can help boost your clientele and brand awareness, not to mention cement your reputation in the community.

How many of you doctors feel you have to internally market your dental practice? This is the most common thing we hear; Market Market Market... Get new dental patients in. Most office we see have on the average 50% of their patients overdue for their recall appointments. It makes no sense to market new patients when you have a ton of patients already in your patient base you just need to call. This can be overdue recalls or reactivation calls. Either way, this is a much more cost effective way to internally market than spending money for new patients.

If you look at what is cost to bring in a new patient versus calling your existing patients, it is much more cost effective to market your existing patient base first. What is needed is a systematic plan in place to try to activate people to bring them.

As we often teach, typically the difference in effectiveness is subtle. Try getting the patients' "good" email. This address is the one they use personally, not the one they give to the public. Have you ever asked your patients for the email that goes to their phone? This is the point of contact that they will respond to. Of course ask their permission to use this for correspondence. Now you can email or text message your patients. Read More...


Videos for Internal Dental Marketing 

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